Why better technology isn't the only way to get better results

Aug 09, 2022

How often do you find yourself hunched over the laptop in the office, working out of the local coffee shop, or in a hotel room?

I worked this way for years until deciding to find a better way.

I was telling a friend about my mobile set up and he said people would love to know about it.  Some photos from a recent Panera visit.

image of computer

image of computer

I created an Amazon list for you (I’m not an affiliate).  People will surely envy your ergonomic savvy.

This idea of changing how we work got me thinking …

In the same way technology transformed where we can work, data visualization technology can enable new possibilities for our work.

However, tapping that potential requires transforming the way we work.

Unfortunately, companies distribute applications like Tableau, PowerBi, Qlik … as technology upgrades but don’t consider how to upgrade the workflow. 

When my clients mainly focus on installing technology and training, rather than how to apply it, they have struggles like these:

  • Using too many powerful visualization features, which makes dashboards harder to read and slows down analysis and making decisions.
  • Not leveraging the speed of drag-and-drop authoring and continuing to use a waterfall delivery -- projects take longer and updates are dreaded. 
  • Calling a project "complete" without a plan to measure the impact, which means not knowing if the project achieves the intended goals and results.

This is like gaining the power to fly and only using it to get to the grocery store faster.  With the potential to transform your life, it’s just business as usual.

If you’re not opposed to talking about this topic, comment and let me know your thoughts.

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