Not Getting The Complete Picture Of Your Performance?

Give your team a competitive edge.  Now it's easy for you to compare metrics, make smarter decisions, and take timely action.

The Complete Guide To Visualizing Actuals vs. Targets In Tableau makes it easy for you to compare metrics to make smarter decisions that give your team a competitive edge

The Complete Guide To Visualizing Actuals vs. Targets In Tableau

Don't let this happen to you. Running your business without being able to see how it’s working from different viewpoints? 

An unexpected product is breaking sales records ... and highly unprofitable

Your top sales team is beating annual quota but is down the last quarter

Execs miss key decisions points when they have to scroll through data

Visualizing Actuals vs. Targets is more complex than showing a single comparison like %Target Reached.

Learn to create a "complete picture" of performance.  Choose from a range of visuals that you can use depending on the audience and how you want to communicate a particular finding.

Save time and get the most out of your Tableau investment with these accelerators.

We show you how to integrate with your KPIs in minutes.  We know it can be confusing to figure out where to start with so many options in Tableau.  Got questions -- email our dedicated line.

Build trust with your audience!   The easy-to-understand visuals let your data speak for itself.

We made sure the important information is obvious without a degree in data literacy.  Every chart, title, legend, and tooltip is formatted to comprehend quickly.  You're welcome to make changes, but won't have to.

Learn from the experts

We know KPIs are at the heart of any successful business.  You'll be up and running fast.

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