Turn data into stories that drive decisions.
NEWSFLASH: End the info overload madness!

 Are the presentations and charts at your company confusing, unorganized and hard to read?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with data and unable to convey a clear message?

Tired of seeing inconsistent reports and presentations that don’t facilitate easy decision making? 

lee feinberg

Hi, my name is Lee Feinberg and for over 15 years I’ve been helping people and businesses change the way they present and consume data.  I’ve run analytics team and helped data megaliths like Verizon and Ford Motor Company improve how they look at data.  I led Nokia’s Decision Planning and Visualization practice where I launched Tableau 5.0 (yes, 5.0) worldwide, and then became a Tableau partner in 2012.


And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last decade plus, it’s that most organizations and people struggle needlessly with data literacy -- how to consolidate and effectively present large amounts of data. 

This is why I created Analytic Stories®

You see, visualization is not the activity of making charts, charts just show data.  It’s time to change decades-old thinking.  Visualization is a way to tell stories for making decisions and taking action -- the true stars of your story.  Data should only play a supporting role.
The Analytic Stories program accelerates how your teams learn and apply new visualization and storytelling techniques, with the goal of having an immediate, direct impact on their work.  In this program you will learn how to apply the foundations of data literacy -- the structure of visual language, evoke what people really want from their data, and unleash your creativity.  

Here's how this program will FREE your organization:


๐Ÿ™Œ  FREE your valuable data from an endless stream of reports


๐Ÿ™Œ  FREE more people to make decisions and take action


๐Ÿ™Œ  FREE your IT teams and support your self-service strategy

Build Engagement. Deliver Insight. Take Action.

When you finish our program, here's how you will be able to turn data into stories and transform the way teams work together.


๐Ÿ  The exercises put you in real-world situations, but you practice in a safe environment


๐Ÿ  There are open discussions about how to handle change and deal with the resistance


๐Ÿ  Learn practical techniques to not get stuck in analysis-paralysis or making everything perfect

This is not your typical workshop.

You actually have to work!


This is an intensive program -- not theory or best practices. The exercises and team-based challenges build your confidence with practical ways to improve your visualizations and reveal the “a-ha” insights. Everything is designed so you can get right to making changes when you’re back at your office.


The program teaches you and your team how write an Analytic Story®. This is getting the analytic (left side) of your brain working with the story (right side).  The goal -- create visuals that are a direct line into how your reader thinks.  
It’s concrete solutions you implement immediately!  We give you actionable tools and skills that you take back to your organization and use.  It won’t be something that is presented, only to be forgotten within a day or two.  
Now is your chance to apply what you’ve learned in real life!  Each student takes a current project and applies the principles covered in the workshop.
Students work with their team or in a buddy system to encourage collaboration.  This is a valuable activity that teaches you the ropes so you’re ready to hit the ground running with a story you’ve built!



Each team presents their project to the class, challenges discussed, assumptions and personal hurdles they overcame, and immediate impacts they anticipate through application of the program.
The class provides their thoughts – I provide feedback and coach how to introduce projects into your organization.   This time is a chance to access my years of experience for your specific situation!  




Here’s what we’ll cover when you attend:

Connect with Your Audience

+ An Introduction to Your Brain

+ Understand the 5 Core Traits

+ Deep Dive on Using Color

Foster Critical Thinking

+ Trends and Relationships

+ Comparisons, Range of Values

+ Differences, Targets, Actuals

Author to Persuade, Not Present

+ Focus Attention, Reduce Noise

+ Build Your ‘Visual Vocabulary'

+ Structure for Encoding Data




Here’s what we’ll cover when you attend:

A Framework to Better Results


+ Unlock the power of intent


+ Stop taking data requests!


+ Transform to decision-oriented

Time to Face Culture Change


+ Learn to be a Viz Listener™


+ Manage work like a startup


+ Use speed to avoid perfection

Compose Your Analytic Story


+ Optimize for speed-seeing


+ Yes, you are creative!


+ Apply storyboard fast-tracks  

3-Day Immersion


→ 10 students

→ On-site at your company (tbd)

→ Program duration 3 - 4 months 

→ Foundations: 1 day

→ Project Build: 1 day

→ Peer Review: 1 day

Post Workshop


→ Activation, Tracking, and Loopback

→ Process training; group and individual

→ Personal coaching for each student

→ Open-topic discussions with class



If you and everyone in your organization has been struggling to effectively present ideas and data, this is a MUST attend program.  Here’s how your organization will benefit.


โœ… Enable your self-service strategy through data-literacy across the company

โœ… Close the gap from technical implementation to value realization

โœ… Become more data-driven and present in ways that provide actionable insights

โœ… Foster a culture oriented towards making decisions and taking action

โœ… The ability to get the most out of the data you currently have

โœ… More consistency across your organization in reporting and presenting

โœ… Better decisions based on better understanding of the data

โœ… Take advantage of software features you’re not currently using, but should be

You are not alone!  Begin your change the same way we've helped these customers.

 I am my own worst enemy. I do a poor job of communicating relationships and telling stories. Your workshop brought that to light and I commit to change these habits. 

The visualization techniques and approach are communicated exceptionally well. Our group was able to start applying the techniques to improve our own data visualizations immediately.

I am doing more interactive visualizations. The questions users have been asking have switched from 'what does this mean?' or 'how does this work?' to more analytical questions. Thanks Lee!!


The material covered in Analytic Stories is extremely needed and currently in high demand.  Book your training before my schedule is filled up (which it does fast!).  If you’re ready to transform how your organization makes decisions and takes action, let’s get to work!

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