Becoming a data-driven company has nothing to do with data or software

Design To Act ® is a system that releases the potential of data literacy across your team.

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greg green

"Thank you for helping us take our storytelling to the next level.   Excellent and practical ideas for every consultant, analytics expert or sales leader attempting to communicate with data !"


GREG GREEN // Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Harland Clarke

gary gruccio

"Lee's course guided us through fundamentally sound principles of creating great visuals as well as the thoughtful ideation process that leads to dashboards that truly communicate."


GARY GRUCCIO // Director of Enterprise Analytics, Signet Jewelers & Alteryx Visionary / Alteryx ACE

If you’re like Dave, you’ve spent a huge amount of time, money, & people power

  • Getting your data in perfect shape

  • Architecting & installing a BI platform

  • Training 1,000s to develop dashboards

There’s only one problem

Your audience of executives, to sales teams, to staff -- doesn’t seem to be all that interested.


They’re not using the dashboards as much as you expected. You haven’t heard of many new insights or awe-inspiring improvements in the business. 

My life changed after discovering the secret to data-driven success

It was so obvious!

No one is interested in data.

Nope. Not one person.

They’re not interested in sifting through huge amounts of data, hoping to find an insight they can use.  What they are interested in is taking action.  


Craft visuals that let your customer see decisions & actions

That's why I created Design To Act.  It's the product of 10 years of research and creation in the field of data literacy.

Through those years, I’ve been breaking down everything I’ve learned into a systematic method for scaling data literacy.  

Design To Act is a program you and your organization can learn. In fact, it must be learned for you to compete.

8 Data Literacy Accelerators

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Apply A Product Mindset


Be Fluent In The Language



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Decisions & Action - The Stars


Innovate Design -- Without Data


Slow Down To Go Faster

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Activate Your Customer Base


Track Behavior & Retention


Earn a 5-Star Rating

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