How much do bad assumptions cost you?

Mar 17, 2022

I love being a company of one employee.  I don’t love managing technology.  Configuring name servers and firewalls is not on my bucket list.

As my business expanded to offer online courses, run complex campaigns, and stop hackers, I had to add services on top of my Wordpress website.

It was tedious to integrate all the pieces and I spent hundreds of hours testing and troubleshooting processes end-to-end.

I wanted a way out and looked at many options.  Kajabi was my favorite, but $149/month felt pricey.  Sadly, this was a bad assumption.  


Until ... I tested my assumption by itemizing each component in the solution.

Total annual cost = $1,936
You probably see where this story is going...

Kajabi annual cost = $1,788

It only took a few minutes and a few data points to debunk my assumption.  

I invested a couple of workdays to recreate my content on the Kajabi platform, and now I’m in a better place financially – and mentally.


Is your organization running on long-existing assumptions that have been “absorbed” into the way of working?   It’s time you made them explicitly known, test that they are still valid, and put a plan in place to periodically revalidate.

Here are some assumptions I hear from clients:

  • Our dashboards are very successful.  We get “___” viewers every month.
  • We don’t need to set targets.  Anyway, our results are amazing.
  • The team uses best practices so dashboards are intuitive to executives.
  • Storyboards take too long.  We connect to data and start making charts. 

Which of these assumptions (or others) make your life difficult?  Sometimes there’s a solution as simple as the one I discovered for myself. 

Comment and let me know.


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