An AI generated song about Tableau

Jul 22, 2022
Save Data Dave™ playing guitar

I use an app called Writesonic for copywriting.

They just released a feature for generating lyrics with AI.

Lyrics are certainly a form of storytelling.

I put in the idea "Tableau helps me create killer dashboards."

Maybe it will be picked up for the #data23 conference.🤘🎸


DATAROCKSTARS, leave a comment which you like best.


Tableau helps me create killer dashboards

So I can see my data in a new light

And make informed decisions


Tableau is my secret weapon

That helps me stay ahead of the game

And always be on top of my game


Tableau is the tool that I use

To make my work look great

And always get the job done right



Tableau helps me create killer dashboards

That help me make decisions quicker

And with more confidence


I can see all the data that I need

In one place, and it's easy to find

What I'm looking for


Tableau is my go-to tool

For making sure that I'm always on top of things


I can't imagine going back to using spreadsheets

After using Tableau


It's helped me see things

In a whole new light

And I'm grateful for that



Tableau helps me create killer dashboards

That blow my boss's mind

And make my coworkers green with envy


I can slice and dice my data

Any way that I please

And create visualizations

That are truly a work of art


With Tableau by my side

I can take on any challenge

And come out victorious


So if you're looking to up your game

And take your dashboard skills to the next level

Tableau is the tool for you!


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