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Learn how to transform passive charts  into action-oriented visuals.

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Do your charts have static titles like Sales, Profit, Target?


This is a problem ... and you are not alone!  These kinds of titles are about data.


I see this on every project over my 25 years in analytics and visualization!


This might not seem important to you, but having the right title does several things:

Tunes the reader’s brain into the exact message you want them to receive and makes the visual easier to interpret

Helps you create a visual that reflects the decisions and actions the reader should be thinking about

Guides you to author a data story that is easy for the reader to follow and enables them to discover insights faster

Our Design To Act ® method grows your data literacy skills in clear visual writing


I've been teaching clients how to transform their titles in this way for over a decade and for the first time now, I'm sharing sharing some real-world uses that made a huge difference for them. It's time to put your actionable insights to work.