Verse 11 of 10+ Ways to Leave Your Pie Chart

Even I am starting to feel a little sorry for the pie chart.  My fellow viz peers generally accept using pie charts on maps.

Andy ( might still not let this one pass as he says, “Friends don’t let friends use pie charts.”

  • Use this approach to see big slices in big circles.  Small stuff not so much.
  • Limiting to three slices provides decent resolution to see differences.
  • Callouts and interactive filtering can make hidden information visible.

Attend my webinars or caught me in the right mood? Then you know The Tyranny of Pie Charts™ I recently heard Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover and was inspired to create this blog series. He only lists five ways, so I’m doubling the ante. These ideas are designed to equally inspire you to leave those pie charts. EXCELSIOR! This blog series launched on March 14, Pi Day. Here’s the pie chart view that will receive of a healthy dose of criticism.