Verse 10 of 10+ Ways to Leave Your Pie Chart

The long tail whips up on the pie chart (inspired by Chris Anderson’s ‘The Long Tail,’ which nicely articulates the value of understanding all your sales, not just the highest.)

  • While bar charts are the best substitute for a summary, the details matter.
  • A compact way to display order distribution, while being able to see clusters.
  • Use highlights and other interactive techniques to slice through the data.
  • I admit to having fun with this one…maybe more than the analytic value.

Attend my webinars or caught me in the right mood? Then you know The Tyranny of Pie Charts™ I recently heard Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover and was inspired to create this blog series. He only lists five ways, so I’m doubling the ante. These ideas are designed to equally inspire you to leave those pie charts. EXCELSIOR! This blog series launched on March 14, Pi Day. Here’s the pie chart view that will receive of a healthy dose of criticism.