Time to BUTTON UP! It’s cold outside.

I was doing some 'spring cleaning' (yes, optimistic this time of year in the Northeast) and came across my collection of Tableau buttons, of which I am very fond ?.  I spread them out on my desk and started playing around with different layouts.  Since it's pretty gloomy, I thought rays of sunshine were fun.

Those rays of sunshine lit up my creativity and got me thinking  how to create the idea in Tableau.  Honestly, I didn't want to do it because it would involve math -- but for you, I persevered.  By the way, to work with angles in Tableau, you have to convert degrees to radians:

{\text{angle in degrees}}={\text{angle in radians}}\cdot {\frac {180^{\circ }}{\pi }}

MOBILE viewers: the design looks compressed vs. compared to the desktop

Turns out, the hardest part was taking a picture of the buttons (see Original Photo tab) with the least amount of reflection, and then cropping out each button for a custom shape.  

The math 'challenge' was figuring the position of each button; read notes in the Angle and Running Radius calculations.  Check out 'How the Data Fits' tab to see the image layout.

I wish you a day filled with sunshine.  Excelsior!

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  • A says:

    lot’s of ‘flair’ lol — interesting idea, thank you for sharing source

  • Ruth says:

    I’m just glad that at some point in the past, I signed up to receive these emails. They have each helped me to learn, and not to be so worried all the time

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