Salesforce Wave™ visualizations … more like a drip

A lot of our clients have been asking about Salesforce Wave.  I was also curious to understand the product’s capabilities.  There’s much to explore across the entire solution, and of course I started with the visualizations.

Fired up the app on my iPad and found serious violations of best practices — in their examples.

Wave automatically produces these visuals; the user doesn’t have control to create mess things up.

I’ll poke around some more, but wanted to get the conversation started with these two unbelievable examples…

Aside from the angled text, this chart uses a different color for each customer.  Only one color is needed.

Wave bar IMG_0132

This is even worse — a line chart built from “Opportunity Name” on the x-axis.  Really?

Wave line IMG_0133

  • For bar charts with many members (over 20), I like adding a reference line to break up the dimension into quartiles or using the quartile function to color. Its a nice way to add context of result against the entire group.

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