Replicating your old vizs in Tableau? STOP NOW (please)!

My son achieved his Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Are your vizs coming of age?

You have a shiny new version of Tableau Desktop, connected to the big data server, then reproduced your same old charts. Access to data on your terms is no longer an issue, so what’s up with that?

Is a status-quo/ can’t-change-too-fast attitude getting in the way? Probably. But the cause is simpler.  You’re just not sure what to do and need to GET UN-STUCK!

The key to breaking free from your current visuals is not to come up with one new view and be done, but rather to come up with many (let’s say five). This continues the concepts in my previous post To be a master communicator you must develop a rich visual style.

Ask these questions about the old viz to help build a different perspective. If you are familiar with brainstorming, then you know to write your thoughts and not critique them. You can do that later.

  • What action do I want to take from this data?
  • What’s the next question I need to answer?
  • Should this be compared to targets or benchmarks?
  • What’s the most critical message to communicate?
  • Are variants better e.g. weekly change, average…?

Invest some time in this approach; don’t be satisfied with one or two answers for each question. Remember, you are trying to drive change! Consider that you might find it useful to do this over a few days.

Check in for my next post to transform your extensive list of ideas into bold designs!