How the Olympics is Confusing Millions of Viewers

I was watching the replay of Adam Rippon's great performance and something kept distracting me.  Can you see it?!

Congratulations to all Olympians across the globe.  

Your singular focus and determination are inspiring beyond words. 

Well, many of you cannot see it -- meaning the red and green score in the upper left corner.  I'm exaggerating a bit.  About 8% of the male and .5% of the female population can't see the difference between the red and green.

The most common term for this condition is 'color blindness.'  However, while people may not be able to distinguish between red and green, they don't have this problem with other colors.  So a more proper term is 'color vision deficiency.'   Read more at the National Health Institute.

I've been working with my clients for years to move them away from using red and green to represent bad and good.  And, I have to admit, it's tough.  This is ingrained so insidiously, even my beloved Tableau Software used this as the default gradient scale until Tableau 10.0.

together we can make a difference

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