More frightening than any halloween zombie movie

I was checking out SAS’ newest release of Visual Analytics as it’s always great to see how companies are advancing the possibilities in data visualization.  This is one of their examples (

Honestly, I was blind-sided at how far away this is from common best-practices, including color, visual presentation, and design.  I was expecting much better; their customers should demand much better.

Our vision is to help people become great communicators of data, so this really concerns me.  SAS is saying, “Look at all the great visuals you can build with our software” — and customers will follow along none-the-wiser.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.32.33 PM

To be fair, I checked an example labeled “New” to make absolutely sure this represented the latest capability.  I think in this case, “New” only seems to mean a recent addition to the portfolio.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.39.16 PM

  • Bill Medrano says:

    Interesting point of information is that IBM who owns Cognos uses Tableau,,, Cognos is good enough to sell but doesnt deliver the goods as well,,,,

    Just saying,


  • Frederic says:

    This looks like a similar approach displayed by SFDC with Wave announced this week:
    Interesting to put in the hands of a non analytical crowd of users, as less intimidating but way too limited, and pricey!

  • It’s appalling what bad visuals the toolset vendors produce – had to sit through two IBM partners (Cognos) and one Oracle demo last week with the most shocking visualisations. They should send all their consultants, partners and pre-sales staff on Stephen Few training…

  • Patrick Henry says:

    Looks like SAS led the pack in the Forrester Wave rankings for agile BI. It pretty much says Visual Analytics offers advanced analytics while also offering business user self-service – all with little reliance on outside partners. How does tableau compare in this area?

    • leefeinberg says:

      My comments are specifically around the visualizations and don’t cover the entire scope of how Forrester defines Agile BI. There are eight companies ranked as “Leaders” in the 20143Q Wave Report (Tableau Software is one of them).

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