Inject performance enhancers into your visualizations

It’s baseball season and we’re sure to hear about performance enhancers.  Supercharge your visuals.

Many of my clients ask “How do we get more people to use the reports we built with our latest business intelligence / visualization software?”

The answer is simple and complex for three reasons:

#1 Practitioners replicate the same charts they built in the previous tool-of-choice (and were not used)

#2 Visualization is a skill that must be developed, but companies operate as if people are “born to viz”

#3 The excuse of not having enough time.  If it’s important, commit and invest to do it right.

Let’s tackle #1 today and the others in future posts.

Why didn’t the old charts work?  Well, it’s unlikely because the software had poor visual capabilities.  You can coax great results from most software.

For example, I’ve seen and produced wonderful work with Excel.  Was it painstaking? Often.  Did it take a long time?  More than I’d have liked.  The new generation of software like #Tableau certainly makes the development cycle faster, simpler, and even enjoyable.

The underlying problem is poor communication.  Failed visuals just show data.  Instead, the next visual you develop must pass these tests!

  • Does it relay a clear, specific, relevant message?
  • Will it instigate conversation?
  • Does it have the strength to persuade to take action?

Put this into practice today.  Please comment and let me know your success story.