Build the language of communication at your company and become the data hero!

First things first! Remember that confusion is the enemy and it kills efficiency and profitability in companies. When everyone is on the same page and understanding data the same way, it’s amazing how effective organizations can be.

With Tableau, the problem of confusion is becoming more and more apparent.

It’s true... We have a powerful tool at our disposal, and that means we now have a million ways to process and present data. That’s a good thing, but it’s also extremely dangerous for companies.

Let me explain with an analogy that seems to makes sense to a lot of people.

Imagine you have Microsoft Word but don’t know the rules of your language. Even if you understand some common vocabulary, whatever you write will be confusing if you don’t have a basic foundational knowledge of the language -- and worse -- if everyone else writes their own way.

You get the point.

This brings us to the present. Tableau has been distributed throughout your teams and across the enterprise, and you’re probably one step ahead and already asking the same questions I hear many of my clients ask ...
  • How does an organization base its future on being data-driven when the data is being communicated inconsistently? 
  • How are you going to have smooth team meetings to make decisions when everyone has to spend too much time deciphering charts?

     And, the worst possible scenario…
  • What happens when those self-service visualizations are distributed throughout the company, and there’s no one to explain what they mean?
These are all questions that kept me up at night, and motivated me to develop this program that will make you the data hero in your company!

Design to Act®: Grammar 
is the answer!

It’s the data literacy solution you need to build consistency in the language of data presentation across your entire user base. It’s the foundation that lets analysts communicate with executive and departments within your organization communicate with each other effectively! Let me give you an example…

For grammar to be effective, there must be detailed explanations for every rule.  And we love details.

If you think we've nailed this, it gets even better…

We’ve priced Grammar to be virtually irresistible.

We want everyone in your company to have access, so you pay one time and everyone in your organization can use it.

No complicated licensing models.

Put it on your Tableau center of excellence portal, send it out in an email, build your own customized training class with what we provide.

And before we hand it over to you, we customize all the content using the terminology of your business. No more frustration with other training based on some data set that is not relevant or relatable to your teams!

What’s the next step?
Glad you asked. Simply book a time on my calendar below, and let’s talk! You can fill me in on the specifics of your organization, and we’ll get you and your company fluent in the grammar and language of Tableau!

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