Get “Prepped” for International Beer Day

In honor of #internationalbeerday, I was perusing Beer Advocate Top 250 for ideas on how to celebrate.   Woo hoo -- I have #13 "in stock" (and a few others on the list).  ?

To get a sense of other candidates to seek out for the day, I wanted to analyze my options.  As a start, I copied the data into Excel and breaking items out of this single text field became a job for #TableauPrep.

Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout ( Toppling Goliath Brewing Company ( American Double / Imperial Stout ( / 12.00% ABV

Fortunately (because I was in Tableau Prep) the data was not formatted consistently -- and I could see the results of my actions immediately to fine tune the splits.  Here's the first one ...

I could keep writing, but it's time to get on with my "planning."  I wish you a Happy International Beer Day.  Let me know how you are celebrating!  Cheers.

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  • Christopher Scott says:

    Hey have you found beer prices??? I have been working trying to put a viz together that show cases cost to rating using this same data set and cannot get a clean data set anywhere online. 🙁

    • Lee Feinberg says:

      I haven’t seen anything like that. Possibly Nielsen or IRI, but you’d have to pay… Or just hire people to walk the aisles and record prices for you 🙂

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