Expand your creativity … by letting yourself be creative

My kids’ artwork was selected for the annual school show.  Make some Tableau art.

I’d like you to set aside 20 minutes this week (mark it on your calendar).  If your day is like mine, as a practitioner you are focused on the work of visualization — wrangling data, building vizs, testing, etc.

There is so much possibility to what you can create with Tableau, but project plans and deliverables are like bright headlights that blind you a little.

It’s time to take a couple steps away so you can build an unstoppable momentum — personally and professionally.  Pick up the gauntlet on at least two of these challenges:

  • Take an existing viz and switch up the pills — move them to different shelves, rows, and columns.  Don’t care if it makes sense, just keep yourself open to seeing a new idea emerge.
  • Re-imagine your sales data as Hans Rosling’s famous TED talk http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_shows_the_best_stats_you_ve_ever_seen.html.
  • Demonstrate Tableau to a friend.  They will ask amazing questions that immediately take you in unexpected directions.  Twice the goodness if you can use their data.

My goal for you is not to immediately have a new viz for work, although that would be an excellent outcome.  It’s simply good to spark creativity that will eventually find a way into a future project.

Please send me your artwork and I will post them in a future blog.