C’mon Tableau, want us to use #data14 then give us better social media integration

I was looking through the ideas community and surprised at the following search results over the last 24 months:

  • Facebook: 3 ideas, 26 votes (actually 28 votes, but one idea had -2 votes)
  • YouTube: 1 idea, 15 votes
  • Twitter: 0 ideas
  • Pinterest: 0 ideas
  • LinkedIn: 0 ideas
  • Jive: 1 idea, 0 votes (ok, really strange they didn’t vote for their own idea)
  • Yammer: 0 ideas

Are you absolutely shocked given how important social media is?  I was.

Nonetheless, I believe Tableau will make announcements at the Tableau Conference #data14 and we will have better tools to work with social media.  Here are my speculations of what we might see:

  • Data connectors, at minimum for Facebook and Twitter.  Access to even limited data would be welcome as a start.
  • Network diagram to identify influencers and understand relationships within and across platforms.  I want to tie data from Twitter to Facebook (via blending or new approach?).  The bubble map visualization seems a good foundation to deliver this visual type.
  • Tableau Server integration with Apple iMessage (see my recent article about Apple-Tableau) so companies can share and discuss analyses more collaboratively than email subscriptions or grabbing a link to email via the Share feature.

What do you want to see? Leave a comment …


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