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Thought visualization was challenging? Now you have to be a journalist too!

Al Gore now claims to have invented data visualization. Ā Learn the truth… It is April 1. Ā On a more serious point, Al Gore’s “Our Choice” digital journal set a new direction for combining interactivity with text. Ā I’m excited about the possibilities and of course haveĀ a twist in mind. Many visualization practitioners lean toward the idea […]

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Apply the NON-data-ink ratio to your #Tableau visuals

Are your brackets being eliminated? Ā Remove everything possible from your visualizations. Visualization practitioners frequently mention Edward Tufte’s concept of the data-ink ratio, which refers to the ink (pixels) used to present data. What you rarely hear about is the non-data-ink ratio, which refers to elements such as scales, labels, borders, etc. Both sides of the […]

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Inject performance enhancers into your visualizations

It’s baseball season and we’re sure to hear about performance enhancers. Ā Supercharge your visuals. Many of my clients ask “How do we get more people to use the reports we built with our latest business intelligence / visualization software?” The answer is simple and complex for three reasons: #1 Practitioners replicate the same charts they […]

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