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TC18 Interview with Elissa Fink – Part 1

“This company is filled with humble, smart people.””When I discovered Tableau, I was like, ‘Oh my god! This is how I wanted to work with data my entire career.’ “”I interviewed with Christian over  the phone.  I asked, ‘What’s your mission?’ And he goes, To help people see and understand data.  He stops and it […]

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4 People won’t use Tableau Prep to prep their data. My crazy idea of what they will do!

It was an exciting day. Tableau launched their first completely new product in years. If that wasn’t enough, the opening volley included new bundling models and pricing plans. I’m not going to get into what I think this all means for Tableau, there are way too many others jumping all over that. If you’ve been […]

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How the Olympics is Confusing Millions of Viewers

I was watching the replay of Adam Rippon’s great performance and something kept distracting me.  Can you see it?! Congratulations to all Olympians across the globe.   Your singular focus and determination are inspiring beyond words. Well, many of you cannot see it — meaning the red and green score in the upper left corner.  I’m exaggerating […]

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Stats Shootout: Has ESPN Outplayed the NFL?

More and more these days, sportscasters toss out endless statistics. So, my curiosity was finally piqued enough to dig in and understand how quarterbacks were ranked — after all, it’s the high frenzy of football season. I learned that what stat you hear depends on which network you are watching. ESPN uses QBR and they don’t […]

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Inside the mind of Francois Ajenstat – VP Product Management @ Tableau

Lee: I’m here at the Tableau Conference 2015 with my friend and colleague Francois Ajenstat, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software. We’re going to have a conversation about product management at Tableau and the keynote where we heard a lot of exciting announcements. Francois, thanks very much for spending some time with me. […]

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