Your designs should be bold

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by mind-blowing visual experiences on home video consoles and smartphones that cost a few hundred dollars.  As a visualization practitioner, you have hardware and software that costs at least 10x more. They why are we creating experiences that are visually unattractive, disengaging, and downright boring?  Do we need […]

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Data data everywhere…but no decisions

Wasn’t data — more data in advanced business intelligence systems — supposed to help us make better, faster decisions?  What happened to the promise of being data-driven? And these might sound familiar — “We spend too much time collecting data,” “We are drowning in data,” “We aren’t driving action from the data.” Think about this. […]

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Start your business intelligence comeback

That truly was a SUPER bowl. The 49ers were completely stuck in the first half…so they changed their game plan and made a disruptive improvement. Do you feel stuck moving your business intelligence program forward? It’s time to stop investing in incremental technology and process improvements. That game plan won’t allow you to keep pace […]

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