1 Jock Mackinlay : Interview ”The Early Days and What’s Ahead”

THE EARLY DAYS Lee Feinberg (LEE)I’m here with Jock Mackinlay, Tableau’s first Technical Fellow, and we’re going to explore what it was like  in the early days of the company.  Since Tableau’s going through a major change right now, I figured it would be good to take a step back.  Jock, thanks so much for taking […]

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Ray Vella
Episode #15 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS Ray Vella is an illustrator who works in the Data Visualization community. A true hybrid, connecting data with the art of storytelling. His ability to create visually rich graphics from intangibles and numbers has found him a niche with corporations seeking to deliver clear and concise messaging. Having worked with top […]

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Emily Kund
Episode #12 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  Emily Kund strongly believes that when communicating with clients, the opportunity to demonstrate your level of proficiency as an expert allows you to become a valuable asset to the organization. (25:50) Emily highlighted several areas of communication to help you have more impact: KEY POINTSPerspective is important. See what you build through the […]

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Cindi Howson
Episode #11 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  For Cindi Howson, data isn’t just about software and technology. It’s just as important to working with the customer to find out how where data is holding them back and influencing their strategy. (15:00) Cindi believes that building new skills since the world of data is continuously changing: KEY POINTSAlways be learning, whether […]

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Michel Guillet
Episode #9 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  HAVE A HEALTHY DOSE OF SKEPTICISM ABOUT THE DATA Michel Guillet believes skepticism is good. When something is too good or too right, having skepticism regarding whatever “it” is, is valuable. (9:07) KEY POINTSHave a healthy dose of skepticism about the data. Sometimes people compliment data without understanding it. Do they appreciate the […]

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Anne Robinson
Episode #7 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  THE RELIANCE ON HISTORICAL DATA IS USELESS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN  For Anne Robinson, supply chain and analytics go hand-in-hand. You have to use your intuition, along with your mathematical modeling to know if information is relevant. (7:15)  KEY POINTSUnderstand your data (where is it, what does it look like), what drives […]

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