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9 Facebook Distorts Financials with Bad Visualizations

If you glance at these charts, you might quickly take away the insight that Average Revenue per User (ARPU) is fairly consistent across all regions. That’s pretty interesting. However, you would be wrong — very wrong. I’m not suggesting Facebook was trying to be misleading.  But for a company whose business revolves around data, this […]

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1 Salesforce Wave™ visualizations … more like a drip

A lot of our clients have been asking about Salesforce Wave.  I was also curious to understand the product’s capabilities.  There’s much to explore across the entire solution, and of course I started with the visualizations. Fired up the app on my iPad and found serious violations of best practices — in their examples. Wave […]

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5 More frightening than any halloween zombie movie

I was checking out SAS’ newest release of Visual Analytics as it’s always great to see how companies are advancing the possibilities in data visualization.  This is one of their examples ( Honestly, I was blind-sided at how far away this is from common best-practices, including color, visual presentation, and design.  I was expecting much better; […]

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Ted Wasserman on Tableau’s product development approach

Ted Wasserman (Tableau-Product Manager), Lee Feinberg (President-DecisionViz), Lauren Rogers (Tableau-User Groups) At Tableau Conference 14 #data14, we held a special user group event, starring Ted Wasserman.  Ted is a product manager and shared how the company selects features to develop and how they use agile development… Ted Wasserman: Take the collective wisdom of all of […]

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Alteryx raised $60M in venture capital

Congratulations to my friends at Alteryx!  I was fortunate enough to sit down with CEO Dean Stoecker last night and have a chat, and while obviously excited, he was quite humble. I’ve been working with Alteryx for almost a year and the product is certainly amazing, even more so the team.  It’s great working with […]

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