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Anne Robinson
Episode #7 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  THE RELIANCE ON HISTORICAL DATA IS USELESS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN  For Anne Robinson, supply chain and analytics go hand-in-hand. You have to use your intuition, along with your mathematical modeling to know if information is relevant. (7:15)  KEY POINTSUnderstand your data (where is it, what does it look like), what drives […]

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Mike Kravec
Episode #6 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  ADJUST YOUR THINKING FROM THE BIG INITIATIVE TO THE SMALLER INITIATIVE.   By starting small and making mistakes, Mike Kravec believes you are able to move forward and make adoption happen. (3:30).   Recognize when you don’t hit the mark and course correct. Mistakes are sometimes necessary to make things happen. (6:55)  Here are […]

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Jordan Morrow
Episode #4 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  EMPOWER PEOPLE TO USE DATA BETTER  For Jordan Morrow, data awareness is more important than data training.   Help people see how data improves their job — and is not going to take over their job. (13:34)  Jordan explains data literacy is a main driver to accomplish these ideas. KEY POINTSData literacy is the ability […]

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Donald Farmer
Episode #3 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS  Think data and numbers are the same thing? Donald Farmer has a surprise for you!  By not telling people how the numbers were developed and not giving them the opportunity to investigate the numbers, you are not delivering a complete data analysis. (6:35).  Here are specific actions Donald recommends to more effectively use […]

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2 Dan Murray
Episode #2 Analytic Stories™

REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WEBINARS Dan hears it all the time, “Can’t you just make me a dashboard?”   Short answer : Yes.   Better answer : Without addressing basic questions about goals, there might be incomplete data and access issues which results in the dashboard not working.  Here are specific actions Dan recommends to improve project outcomes and […]

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1 Jock Mackinlay : Interview ”The Early Days and What’s Ahead”

THE EARLY DAYS Lee Feinberg (LEE)I’m here with Jock Mackinlay, Tableau’s first Technical Fellow, and we’re going to explore what it was like  in the early days of the company.  Since Tableau’s going through a major change right now, I figured it would be good to take a step back.  Jock, thanks so much for taking […]

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