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1 Jock Mackinlay : Interview ”The Early Days and What’s Ahead”

THE EARLY DAYS Lee Feinberg (LEE)I’m here with Jock Mackinlay, Tableau’s first Technical Fellow, and we’re going to explore what it was like  in the early days of the company.  Since Tableau’s going through a major change right now, I figured it would be good to take a step back.  Jock, thanks so much for taking […]

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TC18 Interview with Elissa Fink ā€“ Part 1

“This company is filled with humble, smart people.””When I discovered Tableau, I was like, ‘Oh my god! This is how I wanted to work with data my entire career.’ “”I interviewed with Christian over  the phone.  I asked, ‘Whatā€™s your mission?’ And he goes, To help people see and understand data.  He stops and it […]

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