Team can’t get their stories straight?
REALIGN: Here’s the secret we discovered…

Think about the strategic functions at your company, such as CFO, CMO, and CIO.  

Each has a consistent and scalable way of doing their work.  

Everyone except the new role of Chief Data/Analytics Officer.


And the “supporting logic” is quite simple. If data is strategic, and since visualization is the way to convey the data, then visualization must also be strategic. The difference-maker from being a buzzword is breaking down the tactics of what it means for data visualization to be strategic.

Imagine a company where everyone in finance creates balance sheets in whatever way they prefer.  Imagine if everyone wrote and tested software how they liked.  That company would obviously be in bad shape.  But this is exactly the current state of our world -- maybe your world -- of data visualization.  Everyone creates charts and dashboards in their own way.

To be fair, it’s not their fault.  The other functions teach their teams how to follow a strategic process and how to be literate in their field.  For data visualization and data literacy, there hasn’t been a strategic process to teach until now.  Now there is the ASTRALxy™ Framework.