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EPISODE 25 : Richard Brath

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... but for those of us that do, it can be frustrating spending valuable time on webinars, podcasts, and videos that are:

  • Overly technical demos about the product and that never think about solving your problems
  • Customers talk about how much success they had, but no direction on how you can succeed
  • “Experts” going on at length about ideas of what you should do, but not how you can execute

If you're trying to improve your data literacy, data management, data analysis, data visualization, data science … there’s a big difference between people talking about being data driven and you hearing from those who have lived the work of being data driven. 

So, here's the question.

Who can help you develop the skills and processes needed to solve the complex data problems you face every day?

I couldn’t find it, so I created it!

Analytic Stories™

In this free video series I’ll be talking with the brightest doers to hear about their successes and failures working across the world of analytics.  The conversations are laser-focused on delivering actionable insights to you.

And I’ll go on the record and say this now.  This won’t be a typical boring and dry data talk. These will be interviews with experts and people I personally know!

My guests have incredible knowledge and expertise to share, and we’re going to extract it and break it down in 30 minutes!

Listen, if you're always trying to find an edge of how to work in better ways, get better results, and foster a better culture and you're tired the endless interviews, podcasts, and webinars that feel like product pitches and vaguely cover things you should be doing, Analytics Stories is exactly what you've been searching for. 

Each episode is 30 minutes,  perfect to watch during a break or over lunch or listen during a walk (you need to get away from the screen).

But, be careful, once you see how valuable and interesting these videos are, you may end up binge-watching them like your favorite Netflix series!

I’ve been working to build and establish connections across the data literacy community for years. This program is just one of the many ways that I promote data literacy in the world.

I look forward to having you be part of the journey as I launch Analytic Stories!

Talk Soon,

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